On April 10 2012 our oldest son Liam is born.
Liam is a sweet baby boy. He seems to develop normally, but when he is nearly six months old our gut feeling tells us something isn’t right. He is getting (more) behind and it seems he’s experiencing muscle weakness. In the months that follow we have multiple doctors appointments and Liam is hospitalized several times. Eventually, in May 2013, we get the diagnosis: Liam has a metabolic disorder. A very rare metabolic disease called I-Cell disease.

Children with I-Cell fight an unfair battle. There is no treatment and, unfortunately, many children don’t get to cellebrate their fifth birthday. To enable treatment of I-Cell disease in the future we started “Smile voor I-Cell”. With this page, by sharing information and organizing all kinds of activities, we want to raise awareness for I-Cell disease and we hope to raise money so more research can be done.

Liam is enjoying every day and enriches our lives and that of many around us. For him and all the other children in the world with I-Cell disease we want to make a difference and let our voice be heard. Because every child deserves a chance at life.